BSV Hackathon

We are announcing the finalists in:

Thank you for all your submissions. Join us as we await the announcement of the three finalists who will move on to present their projects live at the CoinGeek Conference in October 2021!
Organised By: Bitcoin Association
Run By: nChain
Sponsored By: Coingeek

Who Should Join

Bitcoin SV Developers

The best way to know if your project or idea has the makings of a viable business is through outside validation. Reach the finals of the BSV Hackathon, present your idea to seasoned technology investors and take home the prize money – and seed capital – to make your dreams a reality!

Ethereum Developers

The Ethereum network is a popular choice for blockchain developers, but the reality is that the platform fails to scale to support enterprise-grade solutions. Try Bitcoin SV on for size and build your app on the only blockchain with unbounded scaling to support truly world-class – and scale – applications and services, all underpinned by a stable platform with world-class security and supported by a global community of experienced, knowledgeable developers, who are willing to guide you.

Blockchain Developers

The growth trajectory and roadmap for Bitcoin SV mean that there will be ongoing demand for advanced Bitcoin development skills across a variety of industries. Hosting the Bitcoin SV Hackathon is our way of encouraging you to give BSV a go and learn how its unique capabilities can be used to power a new generation of innovative blockchain-based applications and services.

Non-Blockchain Developers

The Bitcoin SV Hackathon offers you the perfect opportunity to make your first foray into developing applications and services for the blockchain. With the support of a world-class team of developers and engineers, learn how you can utilise the unique capabilities of Bitcoin SV to turn your thoughts and ideas into a real-world business, all while competing for your share of a $100,000 BSV prize pool!

Flex your coding skills and build on Bitcoin SV

Bitcoin Association is delighted to announce that 4th Bitcoin SV Hackathon will commence with a six-week virtual coding round from June 14 through July 26.

Compete for a share of the $100,000 BSV prize pool and your chance to present your project live at the October 2021 CoinGeek Conference.

May 17

Registration begins

June 14

Coding round starts

July 26

Close of registration and submissions

August 23

Announcement of finalists

October 5

Hackathon Finale at the CoinGeek Conference

Three Finalists

After the virtual hackathon, three finalists will be chosen.

Present at the October 2021 CoinGeek Conference

A representative from each of the three finalists will be flown to present their solution live at the CoinGeek Conference in October 2021.

One Winner

A panel of judges composed of experts in the blockchain industry and the live audience will select the winner.


The top 3 finalists will be declared winners of the hackathon and will receive the prizes payable in BSV.

Winners are responsible for the payment of any and all taxes applicable to prizes and the award of prizes.