BSV Hackathon

Coming Soon 2021

We’re excited to announce our next virtual global hackathon, where your ideas become enterprise-level applications at super-speed.
Organized By: Bitcoin Association
Run By: nChain
Sponsored By: Coingeek

Who Should Join

Bitcoin SV Developers

The best way to know if you’re project is a viable business, is through outside validation. Reach the finals of the BSV Hackathon to present in front of potential investors.

Ethereum Developers

While Ethereum is the popular choice among developers, the platform doesn’t scale big enough for enterprise-grade solutions.

Non-Blockchain Developers

With blockchain technology surging in interest and development, businesses and entrepreneurs are looking for highly-skilled developers to help build their projects.

Flex Your Coding Skills and Build on Bitcoin SV

Developers and tech enthusiasts are excited with the potential of the Bitcoin blockchain, the new form of immutable data ledger that is poised to ignite creative applications that use micropayments, and enable businesses to use Bitcoin for data applications which require enterprise-level volume.

Blockchain is being unleashed thanks to forward-thinking individuals and businesses.

Already, blockchain-based networks are being implemented in several use cases that support technical uniformity, eliminate data silos, allow interoperability across industry segments and geographies, and enable great efficiencies.

How will this foundational technology be used next and what types of applications will be developed for it? That’s where you come in!

May 26

Registration Open

June 23

Coding Round Begins

August 18

Close of Registration & Submissions

October 2020

Hackathon Finale at Coingeek Live

November 2020

Test Announcement

Three Finalists

After the virtual hackathon, three finalists
will be chosen.

Flight to CoinGeek New York

A representative from each of the three finalists will be flown to New York (USA) to present their solution at the CoinGeek Conference in October 2020

One Winner

A panel of judges composed of experts in the blockchain industry and the live audience will select the winner


The top 3 finalists will be declared “Winners” of the hackathon and will receive the above prizes. All prize amounts payable in BSV.

Winners are responsible for the payment of any and all taxes applicable to prizes and the award of prizes.